Frequently Asked Questions





What web browser works best for

We are constantly striving to improve our site, however we do notice some cross-browser differences.  Based on testing we'd recommend using Google Chrome or the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (Edge) if you're noticing anything 'wonky'.   :)


How do I change my password?

1) Click on "Signin" or "Get Started".
2) Choose the "LOGIN" button.
3) Click on the "Lost Password" link at the bottom.
4) Enter your email address.  Click SUBMIT.

Do I have to register to create or participate in a pool?

Yes, for administration purposes we require all users who create a pool to register. Registration is simple and can be done manually or through Facebook.  Visitors who are simply placing bets do not need to register, but we recommend it.   To register click here.

Can money be incorporated? does not endorse the use of money in our pools. However, transactions that happen away from our pages are none of our business.

How do I accommodate multiple births (i.e. twins)?

The way to accommodate multiple births is to make separate pools for each baby.

How do I delete my account?

In the My Account page there is a button to delete your account. Doing this is irreversible; pools you have created will be deleted and you will be taken out from pools you are participating in.

Why is the betting sheet not working?

Users must have a flash plug-in to access the betting sheet and dashboard graphics. Please install the plug-in and try again!

How do I delete a bet?

Only pool hosts can delete bets. To do so, go to your "My Account" page. Then, click on the "Edit" button beisde the approporaite pool to reach the editing page. Once you are in, click "Enter My Pool". You can then navigate to the "Summary" tab. Clicking on the "X" beside a bet will delete it!

I have trouble logging in to my account?

It's possible that your login credentials (a login ID and password) have been replaced by the integrated Facebook credentials.  If you can no longer login with a user ID and password, try using the "Register through Facebook" method to access your account.  Worst case, please email us at and we'll help you out. 


I entered the final results and saved but now noticed I made a mistake.  Can I change the result?

We would love to have a more accomodating answer to this question, but the short answer is no.  Once the birth information is entered our storks use a calculator and announce the Winner.  There's no simple way to reverse this.  We'd recommend reviewing the data before saving the results.

Why do you provide a baby betting app for free?

We were pregnant once too (actually 3 times!).  We couldn't find any good baby betting pool templates or pregnancy apps or online games that allowed us to easily have our friends, co-workers, and family play along... hence   We didn't want to pay for this pregnancy pool app so thought that you wouldn't want to pay for it either! :)

How is a Winner determined?

Everybody starts with zero points.  Points are added for incorrect guesses according to the scoring chart below. The bettor with the fewest points wins! 

Scoring Chart: 

Date:  +10 points for each day away from the due date.
Gender:  +50 points if wrong (If gender is already known this does not apply)
Weight:  +1 point for 1 oz away from the correct weight.

* Tie Breaker:  If multiple bettors have the same score, the bettor who guessed closest to the actual arrival time wins.