Baby Was Due Apr 01 2014

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Girl is

Guessed more often than Boy

Average length

21 inches

7lbs5 oz

Average Weight



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Other baby facts

- Up to 22% of twins are left-handed, while the rate is just below 10% for non-twins 1

- The last organ to develop in the baby is the lungs 1

- Unborn babies can feel, see, and hear (so spend time stroking your belly and talking to your baby in the womb!) 1

- One in every two thousand babies is born with a tooth 1

- The word’s longest pregnancy lasted 375 days (oddly, the baby was under seven pounds) 2

- Some fathers gain weight, experience morning sickness, or feel cramps in a condition known as "sympathetic pregnancy," or Couvade Syndrome. 2

- Nigeria has the highest twinning rate in the word (4.5%). Certain professionals believe that this is because of their high consumption of yams. 3

- The average size of a full-term baby is 8lbs 3

- The largest surviving baby weighed 19.2 lbs 3

- Fewer than 10% of babies are born on their exact due date 3